Blossom-Thyme Dairy Goats
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Senior Doe

Lassenwood A Kharm Promise *M

DOB: 3/17/2012
DNA Typed
Parent Verified
7-03 90VVEE

6 year Old 6th Freshener

Sire:  +*B Alize Kharm Personified 4-06 86+EE
     SS:  ++B Lassenwood Miller Ozzie
     SD:  SGCH J&R Spirit's DK Kovergirl
              Res. GCH/BU 2009 ADGA Natls.

Dam:  CH Lassenwood Niko Placidia 6-04 90EVEV
      DS: Lassenwood Ozzie Niko
      DD: Lassenwood PQFJ Plumeria

Promise has been a key member of our show string. She freshened as a yearling with the beautiful udder we had hoped she would. Like her dam, she is well sprung in the ribs, flat boned, open and angular. She has a beautiful wide, high rear udder, with a well attached fore udder that blends smoothly. While we lost a little length of body over her dam, we gained more angle to the rear leg set and smoother blending of the shoulders into the crops. Unfortunately, we were not able to get her appraised in 2017 as she had active ringworm.

Progeny in the herd: Blossom-Thyme Milo Passion

Linear Appraisal Scores
7-03 90VVEE
4-05 89VVEE
2-05 88VVVV
1-03 82++++

National Show Highlights

2019 - Redmond, Oregon
8th Place 7 & Over

2015 - Redmond, Oregon
11th Place 3 Year Old

Show Results

2017 Show Placings
1xRes. Senior GCH (leg)


5 Year Old 5th Freshener

4 Year Old 4th Freshener

2015 ADGA Natls., Redmond, Oregon


11th Place 3 Year Old, 3rd Freshener


Yearling 1st Freshener

Junior Doe photo...



CH Lassenwood Niko Placidia
6-04 90EVEV

Sire's Dam


SGCH J&R Spirit's DK Kovergirl 2*M
3-07 92EEEE
(Res. GCH/BU 2009 ADGA Natls.)
(Photos Courtesy of Frankie Jones)