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Thank you for expressing an interest in Blossom-Thyme Dairy Goats. We are pleased to offer you the very best in genetics our herd has to offer. We are a very competitive show herd and attend many shows/fairs annually, as well as ADGA Nationals, when we are able to. We also participate annually in the LA program and have many home bred stock appraise 90 and above.

Our Nubians are bred to be upstanding, long and structurally correct, emphasizing dairy strength and well attached udders, being high and wide in the rear with a smoothly attached fore udder. Like most herds, we are very concerned with herd health, and maintain a strong “Pathogen Prevention Program” to ensure our animals are able to reach their full genetic potential. We test for CAE annually, prior to the onset of kidding season, through WADDL and maintain a 100% neg. herd. Last tested 2/14/2017. Although we don’t routinely test for CL, as we have never had it in our herd or on our farm, all outside stock are tested prior to joining the herd, as well as those coming to visit for breeding. I am more than glad to supply a copy of test results to all buyers.

We do not routinely test our herd for TB, Q-Fever, Brucellosis, Johne’s or Blue Tongue. Although a number of our animals have been tested for the above, per sale requirements and those tested have been 100% negative. These sales include Private, ADGA Sales and Export. Any additional test requested, we will gladly do at buyers’ expense with final sale pending on results. Cost of test to be added to final bill. If Pos. results, buyer has the option of proceeding with purchase, a 2nd choice purchase or 100% refund. We do reserve the right to retain any pre-ordered kid, as we see needed to improve our herd, (deposit refunded).

G6S, also known as Caprine Mucopolysaccharidosis Type IIID, a recessive genetic disorder affecting Nubian dairy goats is a growing concern to many. We began testing our stock several years ago, they are all normal either via blood or normal by parentage. At buyers expense, we will gladly have any kids tested so you have your own results. We also have copies of our test results and are glad to share with buyers, keep in mind they could go back several generations.

Kids are separated from dams at birth and fed heat-treated colostrum and pasteurized milk. Kids remaining in our herd continue to be housed separate from the mature animals until they are a year old. Kids are fed a high quality alfalfa, 18% goat grain with rumensin and are given vaccinations of Bo-Se and Cavalry 9 (w/tetanus), dewormed, cocci treatment as well as a pasteurella (pneumonia) vaccine before shipping (depending on age at shipping).

We choose not to let the status of a carrier, keep us from using them in the advancement of our breeding program. All offspring of known or unknown breedings will be tested prior to sale.

Kids are separated from dams at birth, and fed heat-treated colostrum and pasteurized milk. Kids remaining in herd, continue to be housed separate from the mature animals until they are a year old. Kids are fed a high quality alfalfa, 18% goat grain w/rumensin, and are given vaccinations of AD/E, Bo-Se and CD/T, dewormed, cocci treatment and Enforce 3 intranasal vaccine before shipping. We reserve the right to purchase up to 20 straws of semen, at the per straw collection price, on any buck kids we sell. Shipping/transport our responsibility. We ask that you please notify us prior to collection of said buck.

We abide by Article XIX “Recommended Trade Practices For Members” set by ADGA. Our kids are priced from $400 and up. Leased does are PT & prices are set by Reg. owner. A $100 deposit, in order received will hold any kid ordered (non-refundable if buyer cancels). A second choice, at listed price should be made in the event that the first isn’t available, but not required. If your choice of kid(s) is not available, your deposit can be carried over or refunded. Full payment is required within 14 days of notification of birth (unless waiting on test results). All health papers (appox. $70) and shipping related expenses are to be paid by the buyer prior to shipping. Any sold kids left here after 8 weeks, unless prior arrangements are agreed upon, will be charged a daily boarding fee of $5.00 per day.

We gladly ship out of Seattle/Tacoma Int. Airport. No additional charge for delivery to airport.

If possible we would like interested buyers to come to the farm and look first hand at the animals. If however this is not possible, we will do everything we can to insure you get pedigrees and pictures to make your choice easier.

Thank you,

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