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Senior Doe

Lassenwood LMO Camira *M

DOB: 4/30/2011
G6s Normal
8-02 91VEEE

6 Year Old, 5th Freshener

Sire:  ++B Lassenwood Miller Ozzie 7-01 91EEE
     SS:  ++B Prairie-Patch Miller
     SD:  Lassenwood SHRM Zenobia

Dam:  SG Lassenwood Condoleezza Rhys 8-03 90EEEE
      DS: Sweet Harvest Rhys
      DD: Lassenwood SHRM Zenobia

Camira is the result of breeding maternal siblings. Zenobia, dam to both Camira's sire and dam was noted to be a structurally correct doe, with a mammary that I still see other breeders rave about. I had the opportunity to see this beauty in her older years, unfortunately she was dry at the time. Camira is not a long bodied doe, but is fairly level across that topline, flat boned and open ribbed, beautiful Nubian breed character with a mammary that's well attached both rear and fore, that is high and wide. She suffered mastitis on one half in 2015 and is still slightly uneven because of it. We were unable to appraise her in 2017 as she had active ringworm at the time.

Progeny in the herd:
     Blossom-Thyme LPL Misschevious
     Blossom-Thyme LPL Calista

Linear Appraisal Scores
8-03 91VEEE
5-04 88VVEV
3-04 87VVVV
2-02 85VVVV

ADGA National Show Highlights

2015 - Redmond, Oregon
10th Place 4 Year Old
11th Place Dam & Daughter (Camira & 2 yr. old Misschevious)
Part of 6th Place Dairy Herd & 9th Place Best 3 Sr. Does

Show Results

2017 Show Placings
1x2nd Place Aged Doe
2nd Place Dam & Daughter (Camira & Misschevious)
3rd Place Produce of Dam (Misschevious & Calista)
2nd Place 3 Generations (Camira, Calista & Chit Chat)


10th Place 4 Year Old, 3rd Freshener
2015 ADGA National Show, Redmond, Oregon


2 Year Old 1st Freshener



SG Lassenwood Condoleezza Rhys
8-03 90EEEE


++B Lassenwood Miller Ozzie
7-01 91EEE