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Reference Doe

Blossom-Thyme LPL Calista 2*M

DOB: 3/20/2013
6-03 90VVEE

4 Year Old 3rd Freshener

Sire: Lassenwood Pluto Lakota 6-05 88VEE
     SS:  CH Lassenwood Niko Pluto
     SD:  GCH Kastdemur's Layla 2*M 5-04 91EEEE

Dam: Lassenwood LMO Camira *M 8-02 91VEEE
      DS: ++B Lassenwood Miller Ozzie
      DD: SG Lassenwood Condoleezza Rhys

Calista freshened with a beautiful mammary and more medial then her sister Misschevious. As a 1st freshener in 2015 we did not take her with to Nationals as we knew how competitive the 2 year class can be.  Calista and her sister Misschevious are very similar in type and continue to flip back and forth in the show ring. She went uneven later part of 2017, so hoping in 2018 she will come back even again. Calista was not appraised in 2017 do to active ringworm. 

Progeny in the herd: Blossom-Thyme PF Chit Chat

Linear Appraisal Scores
3-05  88VVEV
6-03 90VVEE

Show Results

2017 Show Results

Dry Yearling

3 Year Old 2nd Freshener


Lassenwood LMO Camira *M
5-03 88VVEV

Sire's Dam

GCH Kastdemur's Layla 2*M (dry)
5-04 91EEEE


Lassenwood Pluto Lakota
6-05 88VEE

Sire's Sire

CH Lassenwood Niko Pluto