Blossom-Thyme Dairy Goats
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Reference Doe

SGCH Blossom-Thyme LZZ Style *M

AN 1265536
DOB: 4/15/2003
6-02 91EEEE

April 25, 2003 to May 7, 2018

12 years old at the 2015 ADGA Natls., Redmond, Ca.
12th place Aged Doe

Sire:  SG +*B Lassenwood Zhivago Zen 7-02 89VEE
            2007 ADGA Natls. Premier Sire
    SS:  *B Lassenwood Rainmaker Zhivago
    SD:  GCH Niro Dandy's Zettie *M

Dam: Blossom-Thyme RTLM Sade
    DS: Willow-Run D.D. Russle TLM
    DD: Blossom-Thyme Formal Sunkist

What can I say about this grand old gal, but WOW!! What a ride and at 14 years old, she is still going strong and still on good feet and legs. What a joy to admire her out in our pasture.

Style has always been a stylish doe, with a high, wide and tight udder attachment. She has an excellent back, level rump and stands on strong feet and legs with a smoothly blended front end. She earned her dry leg as a yearling and as a 3 year old, she earned her CH in "Style" 1st show out that year, going BOB/BUOB in 3 out of 4 rings and BDIS/BUIS in one of those rings. She had such a show ring presence and showed herself. Style started out the 2009 show season strong, but suffered a set back while in Sacramento. She refused to drink water, regardless of what we did to it. We resorted to buying water, which she did finally drink, but not soon enough to get her body/milk back.

Although she is retired, Style has earned the right to remain at the top of our Sr. Doe page.

Progeny in the herd: Blossom-Thyme LZZ Sensation

Linear Appraisal Scores
9-04  91EEEV
8-02  90EEEV
7-04  91EEEE
6-02  91EEEE
4-04  91EEEE
3-02  89VVEE
2-02  85VAV+

ADGA National Show Highlights

2003-Des Moines, Iowa
12th place Jr. Kid out of 28 entries
part of 4th place Jr. Get of Sire
part of 5th place Best 3 Jr. Does

2005-Spokane, Washington
11th place 2yr. old out of 54 entries

2007-Gillette, Wyoming
3rd place 4 year old

2009-Sacramento, California
21st place 5&6 Yr old
part of 2nd place Sr. Get of Sire

2015-Redmond, Oregon
12th place Aged Doe

Show Results

2003 Show Placings
1x Res. Jr Ch

2004 Show Placings
Jr. GCH earning dry leg

2006 Show Placings
8x's 1st,2x's 2nd,1x 4th, 3x's Res. GCH, 3x's GCH,
3x's BOB, 3x's BU, 1x BDIS, 1x BUIS

2007 Show Placings
2x's BOB, 2x's BU, 1x 2nd, 1x 3rd

2008 Show Placings
2x's BOB

2009 Show Placings
1 x BOB, 2x's 2nd, 1x 3rd, 4x's 4th

2010 Show Placings
1x 1st, 1x 2nd, 1x 3rd, 1x 4th, 1x5th, 1x BOB

2011 Show Results:
1x2nd, 1x3rd

2012 Show Placings
1x Res. GCH

2007 ADGA Nationals, Gillette, Wyoming

3rd Place 4 Year Old

2009 ADGA Nationals, Sacramento, California

21st place 5&6 year olds
(After a rough couple of days of NOT drinking water.)

Member of 2nd place Senior Get of Sire for +*B SG Lassenwood Zhivago Zen

12th Place Jr Kid
2003 ADGA Nationals, Des Moines, Iowa

Style as part of the 5th place Best 3 Junior Does
2003 ADGA Nationals, Des Moines, Iowa

Sire's Dam


GCH Niro Dandy's Zettie *M
(Photos Courtesy of Lassenwood)