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Reference Doe

CH Lassenwood Niko Placidia

N 1483791
DOB: 4/5/2006
DNA Typed
6-04 90EVEV

4th Place Aged Doe - 9 Year Old, 6th Freshener
2015 ADGA Natls., Redmond, Oregon

Sire: *B Lassenwood Ozzie Niko
     SS:  ++B Lassenwood Miller Ozzie
     SD:  GCH Lassenwood Miller Kiona *M

Dam: Lassenwood PQFJ Plumeria
      DS: Patch-Quilt-Farms Jangle
      DD: Lassenwood Zenith Kaanapali

"Cid" as she is affectionately called, came home with us from the 2009 ADGA National Show on lease from Karen Lewis. She joined our show string and easily earned her CH her 1st 2 shows of the 2010 season. As a brood doe, Cid has proven to be a asset to our herd, with several progeny retained in the herd. Cid has a beautiful level topline and rump with a well attached mammary system that is high and wide in the rear with a smoothly blended fore. If I were to fix anything it would be the angle of rear legs and strengthen the pasterns.

Progeny in herd:  Lassenwood A Kharm Player, Lassenwood A Kharm Promise, Lassenwood MC Paisley

Linear Appraisal Scores
6-04  90EVEV
5-02  89VEEV
4-04  90VEEE

ADGA National Show Highlights

2009-Sacramento, California
20th place 3 Yr. old
Part of 8th place Best 3 Senior Does

2015 - Redmond, Oregon
4th place Aged Doe - 9 Yrs. Old

Show Results

2009 Show Results
1x 2nd, 1x 4th & 2x's 5th

2010 Show Results
4x's 1st, 4x's 2nd, 2x's 3rd, 2x's Res. GCH, 2x's GCH, 1x BOB & 1x BUOB

2015 ADGA Nationals, Redmond, Oregon

4th Place Aged Doe - 9 Year Old, 6th Freshener


4 Year Old

2009 ADGA Nationals, Sacramento, California

20th place 3 year old

Placidia (center)
Part of 8th Place Best 3 Senior Does