Blossom-Thyme Dairy Goats

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Reference Doe

GCH Blossom-Thyme LPL Flirtatious *M

N 1514693
DOB: 2/07/2010
DNA Typed
6-06 91EEEE

4 Year Old, 4th Freshener

Sire:  Lassenwood Pluto Linus
     SS:  CH Lassenwood Niko Pluto
     SD:  GCH Kastdemur's Layla 2*M 5-04 91EEEE

Dam:  Blossom-Thyme RA Fiction 2-01 88VVVE
      DS: Remuda LZZ Armani
      DD: Blossom-Thyme Formal Fable

"Flirt" is a very long and elegant doe. Level over the topline and rump, smoothly blended throughout with a beautiful mammary system that's well attached, good medial and teat placement. She was a fancy yearling milker, but as a 2 year old, she was growing longer faster than she was deepening and went through a very awkward growth spurt. We dried her off early, missing the 2012 National show, to give her time to pull herself back together. She came back strong as a 3 year old and finished her GCH. As a 4 year old she just kept getting better as she matured. After kidding in 2015, Flirt struggled to get back into show condition. Nothing we did seemed to get her eating good. Just prior to Nationals, our Vet diagnosed her with a gastric ulcer and the treatment protocol we put her on did the trick. Within a month we could see the improvement in her overall health and appetite. We monitor her closely and so far no recurrence.

Progeny in herd:  Blossom-Thyme MC Flair, Blossom-Thyme LZZ Fusion & Blossom-Thyme KT Fabinia

Linear Appraisal Scores
6-06 91VEVE
4-06 90VEVE
3-04 89EE+V
1-04 85V++V

Show Results

2010 Show Results
2xJr. GCH (dry leg)

2013 Show Results
2xRes. GCH (2 unrestricted legs)

2014 Show Results
1xGCH, 1xBOB & 2xRes. GCH



4 Year Old, 4th Freshener



3 Year Old, 3rd Freshener



Yearling First Freshener


6 Months Old

10 month old Flirt on the set of New Day NW (Seattle) during
an episode featuring the work of World Vision Int. and their Gift A Goat Campaign.



Blossom-Thyme RA Fiction 2-01 88VVVE

Sire's Dam

GCH Kastdemur's Layla 2*M (dry)
5-04 91EEEE


Lassenwood Pluto Linus

Sire's Sire

CH Lassenwood Niko Pluto